Welcome to Nurtured Minds Counselling.
 We all experience times in our life where our world can feel overwhelming.
It is my purpose to make sure you are not alone, and that you know you have someone to talk to.
At Nurtured Minds Counselling I offer a range of options to ensure that you are able to take time to manage your mental health on your terms.
Located on the Gold Coast, I provide face to face appointments in the comfort of your home. I am also able to offer telehealth counselling via Zoom sessions to meet your needs.
Please don't hesitate to get in contact via phone, SMS or email to make an appointment for a confidential counselling session.

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General Counselling

Counselling is the process of talking about and working through your challenges with a trained, objective professional. General counselling is an ideal approach to the obstacles we experience at times in our lives by providing the client with clarity, self awareness and coping strategies for the conflicting emotions they may be experiencing


Depression can occur at any stage of an individuals life, and it doesn't discriminate. Life can look fine on the surface, though a dark mood can be present like a cloud that effects our views of ourself. Depression can have an impact on our sleep, diet, human connections, and self worth. By reaching out to a trained counsellor

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Youth Counselling

Understanding the age specific issues that youth experience is essential, if you are to be able to offer objective and professional assistance. Helping youth aged clients to find coping strategies that will be useful throughout their life as well as providing professional and confidential support throughout their critical years.

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Grief is how an individual responds to loss. Grief and trauma are experiences that are very unique to every client. By ensuring an empathetic and culturally sensitive approach to every client I am able to work through the stages of grief cycle and help individuals to express their feelings and find coping strategies for this highly emotionally turbulent period of life. 

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